IOL First Time User

Welcome to online banking with Intercity! After you complete these steps listed below, you will be able to log in to your account anytime from your computer by simply using your Access ID and password.

1. Log in by clicking this “First Time User” button.
After you click on the first time user button below, you will be taken to another login page. PLEASE read Step 2 before clicking the gray button below.

2. Choose “First Time User” tab on the login page.
Once you arrive on the “First Time User” login page, you will find this tab under the Intercity State Bank logo.

You will need to click the “First Time User” tab before entering your Access ID. This extra step allows you to set up your security.

3. After clicking on the “First Time User” tab, you should see three fields (AccessID, Password, and Account Type), similar to the image below:

4. Complete the 3 fields.
In the first box, enter one of your account numbers. In the “Account Type” field to the right, select the appropriate type of account for the number you entered. In the “Password” field, enter your temporary password or your ‘Round-the-Clock Bankline password. (If you do not know your password, please contact a Personal Banker at 715-359-4231.) Click “Submit.”

5. Create your own Access ID and password.
Create your own Access ID and password in the boxes provided and click “Submit.”

6. Confirm and verify.
Enter your email address in the appropriate box, and then confirm your email address by entering it in again.

7. Authentication image.
The ‘Authentication Image’ is a picture you will see every time you log in; it is there to show you that you are on a secure website. During your initial setup, you will need to enter a word or phrase to describe this image. Whatever you type in the box, you will see displayed beneath the image every time you log in.

8. Security questions.
Answer the security questions. There is a drop down box for each of the three questions. Choose one on each of the three and answer your questions. Your answers are case sensitive. *Please note: the answers to your security questions should be easy to remember. You will be prompted to provide them if you ever log into your account using a computer other than your registered computer.

9. Agree to the terms.
Agree to the terms of Intercity State Bank Online Banking. This process provides added security. *You are now set to use Intercity On-Line!

The next time you use Intercity Online, you can simply log in using the Access ID box and login button on the homepage. If you need guidance on how to log in after the first-time set-up, refer to the instructions for a returning user.

If you have any problems during business hours, call a personal banker for assistance at 715-359-4231 or contact usIf emailing, remember to only write about your question, do not include any account information.