What is the Leisure Club?

Have you ever wondered what our Leisure Club is all about, and what we do?

Our popular Leisure Club has been around and open to our customers for nearly two decades, taking many exciting trips and offering an array of exciting events. Over the years we have traveled to Alaska, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Northwest. We not only journey to far away places, but we also offer fun and exciting day or weekend trips to see the sites around our great state of Wisconsin. Whether it’s a Broadway musical, a summer picnic, or a sporting event, our Leisure Club provides entertainment and fellowship with old friends, along with many opportunities to meet new people.

Being a Leisure Club member also has many benefits. As a member, you will receive free personalized checks, discounted Travel and Gift Cards, free photocopy services, and safe deposit discounts.

Becoming a member is quick and easy! All you have to do is open an account with a minimum deposit balance of $1,000.00 and be at least 55 years young. One of our Personal Bankers can assist you in setting up an account specifically tailored to fit all of your banking needs. Contact us today to get more information or join the club by calling 715.359.4231.

Check out a complete listing of our current events schedule and even sign-up online to attend. We hope to see you soon!

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