Celebrating 60 Years of Community Banking!

Please join us as we celebrate our customers and 60 years of community banking! Stop in at our Weston office on Friday, July 13th from 11am to 2pm for FREE brats, chips and beverages! We’re also accepting donations (food, toys, etc.) for the Marathon County Humane Society. We hope you find the brief history of our bank enjoyable and interesting…see you on the 13th!   

The first Intercity State Bank building, on the old site of the Schofield City Hall.

How Was Intercity State Bank Started?

In 1951, the only banking facilities available to the people of Schofield, Rothschild, Weston and the south side of Wausau were either in the downtown Wausau business district or on its west side. A local group of citizens felt that there was a definite need for a bank to serve this fast-growing area. This group proceeded to solicit funds for the capital structure of a bank and, on November 29, 1951, a meeting was held in Schofield at the City Hall, and a new bank was launched with a capitalization of $100,000.00. Because this bank was to be located in Schofield between Rothschild, Weston, and Wausau, the name “Intercity State Bank” was chosen. A state banking charter was applied for under that name. At this meeting, Otto H. Jahns was elected Chairman, Hugh H. Karrmann, Secretary, and Arthur E. A. Mueller, Treasurer.

Ground was broken for the new bank building on April 7, 1952 on the site formerly occupied by the Schofield City Hall. The first meeting of the stockholders of this bank was held June 19, 1952 at the Schofield School. At this meeting, the following individuals were elected to serve as the first Board of Directors:  Clarence O. Egdahl, Dan M. Genrich, and Otto H. Jahns.  The Board of Directors elected the following officers: Otto H. Jahns, President and Cashier; Arthur E. A. Mueller, Vice President; Dan M. Genrich, Vice President; Hugh H. Karrmann; Arthur E. A. Mueller; Hjalmer A. Olson; Jeanne Damp, Assistant Cashier; Hugh H. Karrmann, Board of Secretary. 

The Bank was opened for business on July 14, 1952.

Cutting the ribbon of the first bank building was
Mrs. Otto H. Jahns, wife of the late founder.

On August 6, 1973, Intercity State Bank opened the doors of its new building located immediately north of the old building on Grand Avenue. Cutting the ribbon was Mrs. Otto H. Jahns, wife of the late founder, who believed the building constructed in 1952 would provide ample service to the modestly-growing community. Growth of the Schofield area has been so great, however, that President Ray C. Jahns, son of the founder, said, “In twenty years from now, we may have to do construction all over again.” The new bank had three times the space of the old.

In February 1985, Bosshard Banco, Ltd. (John Bosshard) acquired majority ownership of Intercity State Bank. We are part of a group of banks originally owned by John Bosshard and now run by his son, William Bosshard.

Our Weston location, since 1990.

 On November 6, 1990, our Weston Branch was opened at 2900 Schofield Avenue. The building had been purchased from Calvary Baptist church and the 4,480 square-foot facility was remodeled and converted to Intercity’s full service Weston Branch.

Randy L. Balk was named the new president of Intercity State Bank on June 2, 1991, by Chairman of the Board William Bosshard. Balk had prior experience in the Bosshard system and had most recently served as VP of the First National Bank & Trust Co. of Baraboo, WI.


Our Wausau location, opened in 2007.

In 2007, the bank expanded into the Wausau market with the construction of a new 6,500 square-foot office condo at the northwest corner of Stewart Avenue and 36th Avenue in Wausau. The building is co-owned by Intercity and Keller, Inc., a design/build general contractor. The bank owns 4,354 main level square feet of that condominium facility, with four-lane drive-up access and full service banking convenience.

We believe that a bank’s progress and success are directly related to the talents and dedication of its employees. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our people and look forward to offering excellent quality service and competitive community banking products for years to come.

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