What to choose: debit or credit?

Credit CardsIntercity State Bank MasterCard Debit Cards may be used as either debit or credit, depending on consumer and merchant needs.  Intercity State Bank does not charge a fee for using your debit card as either debit or credit.

Traditionally, debit cards withdrew funds directly from the consumer’s bank account, and credit cards allowed consumers to make purchases using borrowed money.  Although this distinction still exists, some bank issued debit cards, such as your Intercity State Bank Master Debit Card, allow consumers to choose either debit or credit.

Your Intercity State Bank Debit Card will withdraw funds directly from your account whenever you use it.  It does not matter if you choose debit or credit; funds will come directly from your checking account.  This is different from traditional credit cards, which draw on funds from a line of credit that the consumer repays with a monthly bill.  This is the primary difference between and credit card, and a debit card run as credit. bonusu veren siteler

Some additional considerations include ease of use, fraud protection, and merchant fees.  When you choose debit, you must enter your four digit pin number, whereas, when you choose credit, you simply sign for the purchase.  Fraud protection is a primary aspect of Intercity State Bank’s mission statement to provide customers with excellent service.  If you experience fraud on your Intercity State Bank MasterCard Debit Card, please call bookkeeping right away at 715-359-4231. champavo.com

Some ATMs charge a fee, but there is no charge for Intercity State Bank customers using Intercity State Bank’s ATMs.

Overall, Intercity State Bank customers should choose credit when making purchases or buying fuel at the pump.  Choosing credit is easier, and safer to use because no PIN number is required.  Debit should only be used at an ATM, or when additional cash back is needed from the transaction.

Please feel free to contact the bookkeeping department at 715.359.4231 with any questions or concerns regarding your Intercity State Bank MasterCard Debit Card.

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