Online Shopping – Be Safe!

Most of us have shopped online without suffering negative consequences (other than maybe a larger-than-expected credit card bill!). With the holidays approaching, millions of us will be online, searching for and then buying those perfect gifts. That makes now a good time to talk about different ways that scammers try to take advantage of us, such as setting up fake websites or stealing our credit card information.

When selecting a website to purchase an item, be wary of online stores offering a price that is dramatically cheaper than anyone else. The reason they may be so cheap is because after you purchase your item, what you receive in the mail is a counterfeit or stolen item, or in some cases is simply never even shipped. Indicators of fraudulent websites include:

  • There is no phone number to call for sales or support-related questions.
  • The website domain name is different than the domain name it uses for email addresses or other contact information.
  • The website uses poor grammar or spelling.

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