No “Heartbleed” worries with our Online Banking

Intercity State Bank is aware of the “Heartbleed” vulnerability affecting many websites. After a review of our systems, we can report that the “Heartbleed” OpenSSL vulnerability never affected our Online Banking. In addition, Intercity State Bank’s public website is not affected by the “Heartbleed” vulnerability.

However, if your ISB login and password are the same login and password you use on other websites, that login information could have been compromised if those other sites were susceptible to the “Heartbleed” vulnerability. For more information regarding potentially affected websites, please review the list at

As a precaution, we recommend that our members take the following steps to strengthen password security:

-Use passwords that are at least eight characters long, such as “ILoveMyCat”
-Do not use words in the dictionary – rather than using “ILoveMyCat” use “ILuvMyCaat”
-Use a mix of capitalized and lower-cased letters – instead of “ILuvMyCaat” use “iILuvmyYcAaT”
-Use numbers, and replace letters with numbers – instead of “iILuvmyYcAaT” use “i1LuvmyYcA4T9”
-If possible, use symbols – instead of “i1LuvmyYcA4T9” use “i1<3myYcA4+9"
-Use different passwords for different services. Your Netflix password and your bank account password should not be the same.

Protecting your account information is one of our top priorities. If you notice any suspicious activity in any of your online accounts, please contact us immediately at 715-359-4231 or email us at

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