Checking & Savings

Choosing the right checking or savings option is not always easy.  Below are descriptions of each option that will help you select the one that will be most beneficial to your business.

Checking Options

No Charge Business Checking Account
This account is designed with your business in mind if you only plan to have limited monthly transactions. If activity exceeds 99 items for two consecutive months the account will automatically be switched to a regular account.

Regular Business Checking Account
This is designed for accounts with high volume transactions. Check images are returned with monthly statements. All charges are offset by an earnings credit based on the rate currently being paid on Intercity State Bank NOW Accounts adjusted each statement cycle on average collected balance. Whenever your earnings credit is not sufficient to offset the charges, a monthly service charge is automatically debited from your account.
View our Bank Services & Fees for more details.

Savings Options

Commercial Money Market Account
Watch your funds accumulate interest and still have the ability to make limited transactions each month.

You won’t get tangled up in minimum monthly balances or service charges with this account, and you’ll enjoy the conveniences of having statements mailed to you semi-annually.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)
You’ll receive competitive interest rates with maturities from 3 to 36 months.