Other Business Services

Merchant Card Acceptance
You may be able to expand your customer base by accepting credit/debit card purchases. Credit card acceptance streamlines the purchase process, saves time and money by minimizing cash handling and payment reconciliation, makes you less vulnerable to theft and pilfering, and assures you of secure transactions and timely payments.

Intercity can provide your business with full authorization and settlement processing for all the major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover, Japanese Credit Bureau (JCB), and Carte Blanche. We have teamed up with a third-party processing company that is completely focused on credit card and debit card processing. As a result we can offer very competitive pricing, a variety of input devices including PC software systems, maximum two-day settlements to your Intercity account, 24/7 help desk, and on-site installation and training. You also have on-line access to your account information.

Wire Transfer Services
Enjoy the freedom to transfer large dollar amounts anywhere in the United States and most foreign countries. The convenience of transferring money electronically will allow your funds to arrive within a few hours, which in turn, gives you the ability to access these funds quickly.

Sweep Account
To maximize the return on your depository funds, we maintain a target balance in your checking account, and move the excess into an interest bearing account. When required, funds are moved back to your checking account as a component of this cash management option.

24-hour depository
Allow Intercity to secure your daily deposits after hours by using our night depository. We will provide you with deposit bags and keys to make your deposit secure. Under dual control, our tellers process your deposit in the morning, and a receipt is placed in your bag. You can pick up your bag anytime during regular business hours.

Coin and Currency Service
Does your organization need to maintain specific dollar denominations? Save time by calling in your order to one of our convenient locations. Our Customer Service Representatives will have it ready for you to pick up when you arrive.

Health Savings Account
If your business offers the high deductible insurance plans, we can set your employees up with a HSA account.