Benefits of community banking

When we say we support local, we mean local.

Intercity State Bank works hard to provide businesses and families in the Wausau area with the best banking services possible.  There’s no doubt that having a connection with a smaller organization like our own can benefit you in multiple ways.

Keep reading to learn four perks of banking locally:

Quick Decision Making

Your time is too limited to wait around for an answer regarding your loan application.  Whether you need an installment loan, want to expand your business, or get some help to shore up cash flow, you need to know right away if we can help you.

This is why we make decisions fast and right here.  At Intercity State Bank, we know the importance of a fast turnaround for both residential and commercial clients.

We are ready to respond faster than big-name banks when our customers are under intense financial pressure.  When COVID-19 hit and the Paycheck Protection Program rolled out, we were right there for our clients, working alongside them, ensuring their finances were in check.

Personalized Service

Banking on a first-name basis means getting to know our customers and providing one-on-one support.  We’ll ask about your family or say hello in the grocery store.  Intercity State Bank is about collaborating and partnering with you to get the amount and level of service you need.  We’re bankers second.

This is important for many reasons.  Not only is it just the right thing to do, but it helps you to gain confidence in our team.  When you need help, you can feel better about coming in to see us.  When you have questions, you feel at ease asking them.

Competitive Fees

Cutting out all of the overhead and profit-focused goals in big banks allows our smaller community bank to offer competitively low-interest rates and fees across all products and services we offer.

Local Economic Support

Another clear advantage of working with our team is that what you do here goes right back into the area.  When you bank with Intercity, you are doing your best to support your community’s small businesses and organizations.  We repeatedly reinvest in the local community, helping you see better results: more companies, more financial security, and better overall access to earning potential.

What’s most important when choosing a bank as a business owner or for personal reasons is ensuring you have access to the service you need.  The good news?  There is no deviation from the bigger banks here – what they can offer is what we offer in most cases.

You lose nothing when you bank locally.  You gain financially and in supporting your community. The quality of service is better, too!

Discover the benefits of banking locally with Intercity State Bank.

The perfect time to learn more about Intercity State Bank?  Right now!  Reach out to our team to answer any questions you have about banking locally.


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