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Most Americans choose to bank at either a large national bank or at a local community bank. But, what’s the difference? Although the large national banks can offer a lot, community banks offer you just as many great products and services, plus the personalized local touch. When you choose a community bank like Intercity State Bank, it’s a win-win for you and the community, and here are five reasons why:

Reason #1. We are a safe and financially sound home for your deposits. Our long-standing history of stability and integrity can be told through generations of families in our area.

Reason #2. We are your neighbors, friends, and business associates, and we care about our quality of life and what happens here in north central Wisconsin. That’s why we put our money to work in the form of local loans, helping to create area jobs and grow our home towns.

Reason #3. When you do business with us, you begin a lifelong relationship with bankers looking out for your best interests. We help people reach their goals, from buying your first home or car, to launching a new business into reality. If you’ve ever applied for a loan, you know that it’s easier to work with someone you know.

Reason #4. We share the same values and concerns as the community members we serve. When we aren’t at the bank, we are serving in our schools, churches and other community organizations.

Reason #5. We are generally very responsive, experienced, flexible and competent. When you are working face-to-face with real people versus automated phone receptionists, it’s easy to get things done.

If you’ve never experienced the value of a community bank, we’d love to introduce you to Intercity. Give us a call or stop in to learn more

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